Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Laser Radar Detector


Extreme long range laser radar detector with color display and advanced filtering.  This long range radar detector and laser detector will allow you to monitor your road speed.  For easy installation it includes windshield mounting suction cup brackets and a 12V DC Power cord with RJ11 connector.


  • 360 Degree Digital Signal processor
  • Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection
  • Voice Notifications
  • Radar band frequency displays
  • Easy to read OLED display (multicolors)
  • Advanced speed detection capability responds to brief bursts of radar.
  • Advanced K and Ka band filters.
  • K False Filter
  • KA False Filter
  • Invisible to VG-2™ and Spectre I/IV/IV+™ radar detectors; Spectre I and IV undetectable
  • Displays Signal Strength and Vehicle Battery Voltage
  • 12 X, K, Ka, MRCD, and Laser band selectable alert tones
  • 5 Bogey tones
  • Auto mute volume
  • Dark mode brightness setting
  • 8 selectable background colors
  • Works with most vehicles

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