COBRA 75WXST 40 Channel CB Radio


COBRA 75WXST is a high-performance handset that won't take up a lot of space, the Cobra 75 WX ST is a hands-down favorite. It’s jam-packed with features that include active channel scanning, weather alerts from NOAA, and a backlit display that's stellar if you love hitting the open road at night. 

The radio can be quickly disconnected from the control box and, with the purchase of a second control box, used in a second vehicle. All wiring is centralized in a small control box that can be mounted out of the way for a clean and professional installation.


  • Remote Mount System - Allows convenient dashboard installation.

  • SoundTracker® System - Cuts noise up to 90 percent for clearer communication.

  • NOAA Weather & Emergency Radio - Be prepared for storms and emergencies with a built-in NOAA radio receiver.
  • Illuminated LCD Display - For bright and clear visibility of the display.
  • Instant Channel 9/19 - Immediate access to emergency channel 9 or information channel 19.

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