K40 K40BCMAX CB/10-Meter Antenna


Need a powerful antenna…K40's K40BCMAX is 20,000 watts. It's open helical coil gives wide bandwidth of 26 to 30Mhz, and also features a tunable .200" x 48" tapered stainless steal whip. The exterior is made of anodized aluminum, which is light weight and corrosion resistant.




  • Open helical coil gives wide bandwidth (26 to 30 mega Hertz) and efficient cooling
  • Tunable 0.200 inches by 48 inches tapered stainless steel whip
  • Great SWR match and tuning outside of normal CB bands
  • Anodized aluminum construction light-weight corrosion resistant
  • Chrome plated brass ferrules and stainless steel stud for strong mounting

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