PRESIDENT ELECTRONICS Johnny III 12-24 Volt 40 Channel Mobile CB Radio

SKU: Johnny III

40 channel 12-24 volt deluxe mobile CB radio with selectable (orange, green or blue) 3-color front panel. Features large easy to read LCD display, Vox hands free operation, Roger Beep, Weather Alert, Key-lock, Signal meter, three button microphone with Up/Down channels and auto squelch, Rotary channel switch, manual or auto squelch, ANL and hi-cut filters, RF gain, front mount microphone & external speaker jack.



  •  40 channels AM
  •  Channel rotary switch
  •  Weather Alert
  •  Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
  •  Manual squelch and ASC (Automatic Squelch Control)
  •  Multi-functions LCD display
  •  S-meter
  •  Vox function (Hands free)
  •  ANL filter and HI-CUT
  •  RF Gain
  •  Scan
  •  Priority channel memory
  •  F function key
  •  Beep Function
  •  Roger Beep
  •  Key locking
  •  Front microphone plug
  •  External loudspeaker jack

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