Uniden SDS100 True I/Q™ Digital Handheld Scanner


Uniden creates another first with the SDS100 True I/Q Scanner and digital TrunkTracker communications receiver. Receiver incorporates the HomePatrol database of all known radio systems in the USA and Canada. Programming it can be as simple as entering your zip code. It’s True I/Q™ receiver provides for improved digital performance in challenging RF environments. Built to JIS4 f(IPX4) standards, it is rugged and weather resistant. Its customizable color display allows access to the information you want to see. The SDS100’s digital performance is better than any other scanner in both simulcast and weak-signal environments.

The SDS100 is also the first scanner that allows you to decide what to display, where, and in what color. Custom fields put the information important to you right where you need it. 


    • HomePatrol Database
    • Water Resistant (JIS4/IPX4)
    • Customizable Color Display
    • True I/Q™ Receiver
    • Location-Based Scanning
    • microSD card 
    • GPS Compatible
    • Range Control
    • TrunkTracker X Operation
    • Instant Replay
    • Audio Recording
    • Custom Alerts 
    • Multicolor LED Alert
    • Trunking Discovery
    • Conventional Discovery
    • Scan by Service Types
    • Multi-Level Display and Keypad light
    • Temporary or Permanent Avoid
    • System/Channel Number Tagging
    • Start-up Configuration
    • Close Call© RF Capture Technology
    • Broadcast Screen
    • Fire Tone-Out Standby/Tone Search 
    • PC Programming 
    • Priority/Priority w/DND Scan
    • Priority ID Scan
    • Intermediate Frequency Exchange 
    • Individual Channel Volume Offset
    • Configurable Band Default
    • Repeater Find
    • Adjustable Scan/Search Delay/Resume
    • Data Naming
    • Duplicate Input Alert 
    • Quick Keys
    • Search Avoids
    • 10 Custom Searches 
    • Search with Scan Operation
    • 3 Search Keys
    • Quick Search
    • SAME Weather Alert/Priority 
    • Built-in Battery Charger  – Allows you to charge the rechargeable batteries in the scanner from any USB port.

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