Wilson 1000 Series 3000 Watt Magnetic Mount CB Antenna with 62 1/2 inch Removable Whip

SKU: 880-900800B

The Wilson 1000 roof mount CB antenna is a high quality semi-permanent two-way radio antenna. The Wilson 1000 has a reputation for being highly durable and one of the longest lasting CB or 10 meter antennas available on today's market!

The Wilson 1000 roof mount antenna Installs through a ¾ inch hole drilled through the vehicle body.

The Wilson 1000 is a seriously powerful antenna rated to a full 3000 peak watts, and can easily handle today's high powered CB and 10 meter radios! The Wilson exclusive floating coil is constructed from 10 gauge silver winding, yes its more expansive than other manufacturers antennas but it is the best performing coil currently available. The space age Mobay Thermoplastic base is virtually indestructible and provides armor like protection for the all import base loaded coil.

The Wilson 1000 beat its closest competitor the K40 in independent laboratory testing conducted at Lockheed Martin, by a full 58% in performance gain! Wilson antennas are the most powerful mobile antennas for mobile two-way communication.

The Wilson 1000 is engineered for the highest quality, best durability, and longest life in the world of CB antennas. The Wilson 1000 is in a class all its own!

26-30 MHz (CB Radio)

The Wilson 1000 antenna is compatible with CB and 10 meter radios, and is ready to receive N.O.A.A. weather channels, if your mobile radio is capable of tuning them in.

The Wilson 1000 Roof Mount CB antenna includes 17 feet of RG8X coax with a soldered PL259 connector. An additional PL259 is included should cutting the cable be required to allow easiest cable routing and antenna installation.

Power handling
3000 watt rating

Product features

  • Gain performance proven by power gain tests at Lockheed Corporation Antenna Test Laboratory results the Wilson 1000 has 58% more power gain than K40
  • 3000 Watt power handling capability (ICAS)
  • 26 Mhz to 30 Mhz Frequency range
  • Made with high impact Mobay Thermoplastic
  • 10 gauge silver-plated coil winding
  • Exclusive low loss coil design
  • Roof top mount base
  • Removable coil for safe storage & garage entrance
  • N.O.A.A Weather Ready
  • Protective weather Cap included
  • 62 inch 17-7 PH Tapered spring stainless steel whip
  • One Year Warranty

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